The online course that teaches you everything you need to know about credit

It can be confusing. There are so many "gurus" out there talking about credit and it can be overwhelming.

Maybe you have poor credit and want to buy a house one day.

Or maybe you just want to pay off credit cards for good.

Or maybe you want to figure out what credit card is best for you so you can take advantage of reward points.

I've got you....

By the end of this course you will understand what makes up your credit score, how to increase it (without paying anyone), how to pay off credit card debt faster, how credit cards really work, and what card is best for you.

PLUS, you can add comments or questions to the end of each module for me to personally answer and give you feedback (this course is a STEAL).


Hi! I'm Alli

A little about my debt journey.. I became debt free at 25 and then married into $154k of debt.

We were able to pay off six-figures of debt while still investing, saving, and spending on things we love (aka Gamecock football tickets and lots of Starbucks lattes).

We recently bought our forever home and I am the only name on our mortgage...why? Because my credit score was MUCH better and it drastically affected our mortgage!

Your credit score DOES matter even if you don't plan on buying a house any time soon. There are so many reasons why and I talk about them in this course.

You can use credit cards responsibly. We paid for our entire honeymoon with rewards points and we now use credit cards for everything.

I am going to teach you everything you need to know about credit in this no fluff course.


Q: Can I move at my own pace? 

Yes! Upon enrollment, you’ll gain access to all the modules so you can move at your own pace.

Q: When will I stop getting access to the course?

You’ll receive lifetime access to this course, even when the price increases or updates are made in the future. Buy it now, have it forever

Q: What is the course format?

There are short videos within the modules. There are also worksheets and templates.

Q: Why is there sales tax?

Some states require us to collect sales tax on digital sales. Thank you for your support.